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Welcome Chris Snow as our New Drummer

Chris has been playing in a bands for years and played his first show with us a Choto Marina on September 27th, 2019. We new that Chris would be a good fit for our band at that point. We are excited to have Chris on board!

Latest News

Welcome Meredith Cabe Whitehead as Our New Vocalist

Please Welcome the latest addition to Down Town Claxton, Meredith Cabe Whitehead. She is an awesome person and a talented singer! She brings a whole new energy to our band and we are very excited to have her on board. Meredith has been singing with some of the top local acts in Knoxville for years. Some of her more recent projects were with Freequency, The Fine Young Columbians, Supersonics and The Blair Project. Next time you see us perform, please give Meredith a warm welcome. 

Welcome Walter Moore as our New Drummer/Vocalist

Please welcome Walter Moore as the newest addition to Down Town Claxton. Walter is a multi talented musician that plays Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Sings and Plays drums. He will be our new drummer and an additional vocalist. We are excited to have Walter on board! His first show with us will be at Ridge Runners on 3/22/2019.

We have new T-shirts 

We have new T-shirts for $15 dollars. Get them at our shows or send us a message on our email. Please see the Store tab on this page for a better view. The proceeds go towards helping us maintain our equipment. Thank you for your support!

Welcome our New Drummer! 

Ken Smith is our new drummer. He is a graduate of Berkeley College of Music and performed on the same stage with a lot of well know acts. Some of the acts Kenny's band toured and traveled with are the Dave Matthew's band, Johnny Winter, Hootie and the Blowfish and Colonel Bruce Hampton. 

Ken's most recent project was playing the demanding role as the Drummer (Neil Peart) in the Rush Tribute Band Clockwork Angels. We are excited to have Ken on board with us and look forward to his mind blowing electronic drum exhibitions at our shows. We are as amazed as our audience is by Ken's creativity, passion and energy that he brings to his live performances.


Down Town Claxton has gone back to a two man configuration. Mike Smith and Mike Wilkenson will continue the DTC Tradition of bringing you a wide variety of tunes with an awesome show. Please see our schedule for our upcoming shows. We look forward to seeing everyone!